Pay Per Click Advertising

Want to generate instant top page ranking?


Googles Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising service is a clever way to generate instant website clicks and increase your customer reach in a hurry.


You might be surprised how many people near you are trying to find exactly what you have to offer


Over 12 Millions Australians use Google to search for their products and services. Google’s PPC advertising campaign services can target users based on their age, sex, location & interests when configured correctly.  Prospective customers generally search for a service by a topic and a suburb (eg Plumber Shellharbour). As a result, your website won’t be listed. Especially in all of the surrounding suburbs. By providing all of your services details in a simple Google ad, you are helping your customers find and utilise your website instantly.


Do Google users click on PPC Ads?

Every person is different. Some people will only click on the organic (unpaid) links. Some people may not know the difference between the paid links and the organic links. Run an Adword campaign today and use the analytics to determine if it is generating additional website clicks.

You only have to pay if the links are clicked. You can also allocate a budget. If your customers don’t use PPC ads and prefer to use the organic links, then you won’t be out of pocket.


Put yourself in front of the eyes of your customers


Paid Search Campaigns

Running a successful PPC campaign means employing smart research tactics. We will identify the most obvious keywords and phrases searched by your target audience and design a campaign that requires the least amount of investment.  Utilising Ascenseion SEO Consulting’s PPC management services is going to give you a better ROI than DIY PPC.



Once the campaign is running, we will continue to monitor its performance and provide regular performance reports displaying all the appropriate customer reach and number of click details. Continuous tracking of the analytics is the best way to improve your PPC campaign performance.


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