Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is the process of affecting the rank of a website or web page in an Internet Search Engine’s organic, natural search results. Organic results don’t require any payment as is the case with “Pay Per Click Advertising”


Internet Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo all rank their search result based on what websites, web pages, videos and local listings they consider most relevant to the users.  SEO will organise your websites keywords, phrases and backlinks in a way to ensure that you become a first page result when a user is looking for your service.


SEO is your path to targeted website clicks, more visibility of your products, services and most importantly, more opportunity to convert clicks into sales.


How does SEO work?

When determining Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, search engines look at both On-Page and Off-Page variables. On-Page refers to the aspects of the website/web page design, including the page content, the links and the title tags. Off-Page aspects are those such as backlinks, citation sites, social media profiles, customer reviews and online directory listings.
The search results are determined based off the appropriate search engines algorithm. The algorithm will scan and index a website, then calculate where the site will rank based on the combination of the On-Page and Off-Page components.


Websites also need to be coded so they are mobile device friendly. Over 60% of website browsing is performed via a mobile device. Search Engines can determine if a website is mobile friendly.


When applying these techniques correctly, we can reverse engineer and quickly turn a non-existent site into a tool that will increase visibility to your target market, expand your online presence and potential leads and maximise converting website clicks into sales.


On-Page SEO

  • Website structure
  • Mobile device optimisation
  • Sitemap – for search engine bot crawling and indexing
  • High quality, relevant, accurate and fresh content – 500 words
  • Target keywords and phrases included in the appropriate headings, subheadings and content
  • Images, graphics & captions to help illustrate the keywords
  • Location details – Local details, maps and contact information
  • Social media links, reviews and discussion pages


Off-Page SEO

  • Search engine submission
  • Quality, high authoritative backlinks
  • Social media profiles & connections
  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Directory submission sites
  • SEO Auditing



Backlinks are one of the most important ranking signals for improving your websites search rankings. High quality, authoritative links will help your ranking improve, where as poor quality links will have the opposite effect.


Keywords and Phrases

Determining the correct keywords and phrases is probably the most important component of implementing a successful SEO solution. They must relate to your business or service and include the most searched terms. As a result, by targeting the correct audience, high ranking search results will generate high visibility, increased website clicks and more potential sales.

Social media

Social media is an invaluable component of your off-page SEO strategy. As a result, an active and interactive social media presence, is the modern day way to spread word of mouth. Only much faster. With just a few shares, likes and follows, you can reach 1000’s of online users within a few weeks. Some platforms (Like Facebook) also have paid advertising to allow you to reach 100’s of 1000’s of Facebook users instantly.

If you have social media accounts, make sure they are all monitored so you can respond to every possible customer contact point. Social media is one of the best things you can do for your business advertising strategy due to the limitless boundaries.

Mobile Device Optimisation

So far in 2017, over 60% of all website browsing was performed on a mobile device. This includes Tablets, Smartphones, and Smartwatches. The odds are that your customers and probably yourself have been one of the 60% today. As a result, if your websites pages are not optimised for mobile device responsiveness, Search Engines such as Google will see this as a flag to decrease your ranking. In addition, the other obvious issue is that a non-mobile responsive website is extremely painful for users to navigate. Therefore the chances are, they will click back to Google and try your competitor’s website instead.


Local SEO

If you are a local business with a local market, we can make your site rank with Local SEO services in Wollongong, Shellharbour and the South Coast. Local area marketing techniques and SEO can have a massive ROI. If you are a local service and have a local target market, it is much easier to become a top ranking website by focusing on local suburbs and keywords.
Local SEO Image


Local search results stand out. They list in Google Maps local searches and also users will have greater visibility to your contact details and service reviews.


Currently over 80% of businesses are first discovered through a search engines such as Google. As the 3rd largest region in NSW and with Sydney close by, there is a huge potential customer reach. If you aren’t currently utilising Local SEO, you are missing out on vital website clicks and sales.


Depending on how competitive your service is, the number of businesses fighting for the top search results will vary. Highly competitive services such as Photographers and Hairdressers are more densely located. There are hundreds in the Illawarra alone. Services such as a bicycle or suit shop are offering specialised items. In most cases they are one of the only businesses of their type in the area. As a result a bicycle or suit shop will not require the same level of SEO attention of a highly competitive service.


Help your customers find you

Your customers should be looking for you, not the other way around. Save time on the phone by targeting the right suburbs. Regardless of the number of businesses competing for the top search result positions, allow Ascension SEO Consulting to work with you and your business and make sure that you reach as many potential customers as possible.


Contact Ascension so we can help you

Utilise our knowledge of Local SEO and our specialists to analyse your website and its target, then watch us reverse engineer your website to allow you to quickly ascend the rankings. The Illawarra and its surrounding regions are increasing in size by the day. Sydney and Canberra are both relatively short distances in 2017. Even if you do currently have Local SEO, there is always room for improvement and plenty of opportunity to reach a larger audience.


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